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Education is the power of Humanity

Education is the power of Humanity

Education is the power of Humanity

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At DIYA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, our approach to learning is child-centric, encouraging activity based learning and inculcating a scientific temper and a spirit of free enquiry in our curriculum, the student is the primary focus, and each child is involved in the learning process. Hence, the purpose of the education received by the children is to replace an empty mind with an open one. Teachers are motivated to provide an atmosphere for discovery, where students are encouraged to be creative and curious, instead of routinely loading the children with academic burden.

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Study with us and you can be sure that you will gain a whole range of skills and experiences that will prepare you for the next step

#Expert Professors

This School has an excellent teaching faculty with highly qualified and well experienced staff

#Science Labs

This School has well-equipped laboratories for imparting practical knowledge.


The libraries at DIS are a rich treasure trove of encyclopaedias, illustrated dictionaries and books.

#Sports & Activities

At school, students at all levels are strongly encouraged to participate in various sports activities.

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